Black History For Kids

(also see Black History)
Are you interested in learning about Black History? Here are some kid-friendly websites you should not miss!

Pathways to Freedomftf_screenshot.jpg
Travel back to the 1800s and become an eyewitness to history. You become a young slave who must make some important and life-changing decisions.
Additional information about the Underground Railroad.
Addy's Escape to Freedom
In the American Girls Series Meet Addy, Momma and Addy try a daring escape from slavery after Poppa and Sam are sold to another plantation owner. They need courage and faith to travel north to freedom. Can they overcome each challenge and gain that freedom? To find out, travel with them on their dangerous journey.
The Underground Railroad UGR.png
The Underground Railroad presented as a choose your own adventure story.
BrainPop's Harlem Renaissanceharlemrenaissance.png

BrainPop Spotlight Black History (Subscription require for most of the movies)
Martin Luther King Comic Book
1956 Martin Luther King Comic Book

African Americans in the Sciences
Mop Top and the Hip Hop Scientist

Learn about African-American scientist, mathematicians, and inventors. There is also an interactive lab where you will learn how things work and how they are made. The site also has interactive games, a crossword puzzle and word search activities.