How to use the Auto-Summarize feature in Microsoft Word

Why use Auto Summarize?

It's an easy way to differentiate reading passages for your students (just copy and paste your reading passage).
  • Hand the student a passage with the key points highlighted -or- give them the summary only.
  • Teach your students to use auto-summarize to help themselves decipher web pages during internet research.
It's a great way to teach the concept of KEYWORDS and MAIN IDEA (using the Highlight key points option)


  1. Select Auto-Summarize from the Microsoft Word Tools menu.
  2. Choose the percent of the original document you would like included in the summary.
  3. Select the placement of the summary. Choices are:
    1. highlight key points (the text becomes colored)
    2. an executive summary or abstract at the beginning of the document
    3. a new document on a separate page
    4. hiding everything but the summary
  4. After the document is printed, the student will have a resource that is more appropriate for his or her level.

What do I do if I don't have Microsoft Word?

Use Tool 4 Noobs Online Summarize Tool (free)