What Your Teacher-Librarian Ms. K Can Do for You!

Keisa Williams, Librarian, Monarch Academy (2006-2012)

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The Monarch Teacher-Librarian provides instruction:

  • booktalks
  • reading guidance
  • screencast mini-lessons
  • information literacy instruction
    • organization of both print and electronic information
    • electronic searching of available catalogs and databases
    • appreciation of information and literature
    • determining the most appropriate information sources for the task
    • determining information relevance for the task
    • note-taking
    • bibliographies
    • the research process
    • evaluation of one's research process
    • evaluation of web sites' authority and accuracy
    • reference skills (especially to verify web site accuracy),
    • technology instruction, and more...


The Teacher-Librarian partners with teachers in planning, designing curriculum, teaching, and assessing students' work. Print and complete this Collaboration Form or email it to the Teacher-Librarian.

  • Do you have a new unit coming up?
  • Do you have a unit that needs a change and more student involvement?
  • Do you need a topic bibliography [sample narrative non-fiction]?
  • Are you wondering how much to expect of students when researching?
  • Are students citing their sources appropriately when they research?
  • Do you need help integrating technology?

Information Specialist

The Teacher-Librarian selects materials and manages collection development and cataloging, and can help you find:

  • book reviews
  • outstanding books
  • sources for purchase for student research on a given topic
  • articles or other resources for your professional development
  • sources for curricular planning
  • appropriate online databases and websites


The Monarch Teacher-Librarian:

  • manages the library budget
  • works with associates, volunteers, and student assistants
  • sets collection and programatic goals
  • reports data for those goals [link to a new page of annual program report that includes collection data such as average age, circulation, comparison to a core list such as the Children's Catalog, number of classes using the library on a weekly basis, for the year, etc...]

What Your Teacher-Librarian can do for you adapted from Karla Krueger, School Library Media Studies Division, College of Education, University of Northern Iowa, for use by Iowa Teacher-Librarians. You are welcome to personalize this template for your library by adding, deleting, and making changes as needed. The template is designed to be used for an elementary, secondary, or K-12 school library.

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