Classroom Energizers Print and laminate these cards and you will have a year's worth of energizer activities to try with your students!

Quick & Easy Strategies That Yield Dramatic Results in the Classroom
How Brain Research Can Impact Achievement in Your Classroom
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  • Unit: Building Deep Reader Partnerships This is an alternative approach to buddy reading.
    • Classroom Management in a Reader's Workshop Managing a group of independent readers while you are conferring with readers and meeting with small groups can be challenging! Here are some ideas to help you make this time less stressful and more productive.
  • Mini-Lessons "Each mini-lesson is designed to review a reading concept or related concepts and to provide strategies for success. Days 1, 2, and 3 should take approximately ten minutes; Days 4 and 5, approximately 15-20 minutes. The Reading-Benchmarks Mini-Lessons are formatted to cover five days, beginning with Concept Introduction and Teacher Modeling, followed by Guided Reading Practice and Paired Student Practice before culminating in Assessment. The SCRIPT provides a SUGGESTED DIALOGUE for teacher use; it is not meant to be used verbatim."
  • English Companion Provides information, resources, and illuminates books, ideas, organizations, and resources as aids to teaching.
  • K-6 Open Court Resources
  • ZOOM Playhouse: Act Up Try performing a Reader's Theater script in your classroom. This website contains collection of short plays and skits created by students or based on student-submitted ideas. Each skit is 5-10 minutes and includes a 'script' you can print out and suggested props.
  • Adapted Books Online- These are adapted books and materials created with Boardmaker picture symbols, Writing with Symbols, and MS PowerPoint software.
  • Curriculum Based Reader's Theater Scripts All Subjects!
  • A TON of Reader's Theater Scripts from the Reading Lady website

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Monthly Resources

  • Dictionary Day Activities October 16th is Dictionary Day, named in honor of the birthday of Noah Webster, the father of the American dictionary.

  • Making the Most of the Dreaded End-of-School Days This article is published by the founder and chief editor of Education World and has links to lesson plans and other resources that will help generate ideas for teachers of all levels on what to do the last days of school.
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